What Dog Breed Are You? Take The Quiz!

Some people not only look like their dog, but they also seem to have the same personality.

Have you ever asked yourself what breed you might be if you were a dog? Seems like a silly question, but finding the answer might give you insight into your own personality.

Most people want to find that special dog “mini-me” that shares the same personality traits and may even resemble them when they smile or laugh.

It’s easy to look like a certain breed, and science even backs up the claim that dog owners tend to resemble their dogs.

New research suggests that our good looks aren’t the only thing we share in common with our canine friends. Our dogs often take on elements of our personalities, too.

But discovering the particular dog breed that shares your personality takes a little computer magic.

And guess what? We have a quiz that will take the wonder out, and replace it with your special breed of canine mini-me.

What Dog Breed Are You? Take The Quiz Below To Find Out:

When you discover that you are just like an adorable Lhasa Apso, the ready-to-react Belgium Shepard, or that gentle, and comforting Golden Retriever, you begin to understand why your dog looks at you the way it does sometimes.

Maybe your doggie doppelganger is trying to connect with you through that same canine telepathy thing they do with other dogs.

Your dog might think if you have the same personality, then surely you know how to communicate in a more sophisticated way.

What dog breed did you turn out to be? Please share in the comments below.

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